Rules and Regulations

Registration is open ,please register yourself to help the organization committee to make it the best possible weekend. We will then also keep you up to date with all the latest news as we build-up to the event , planned for June 4 . Please call Emsa office ( Almaz 0909786154 or Abebe 0911864075) for more information , or drop a line here. Pre-Registration is a no-commitment process that takes place when a race is still in the planning stages. During this period, racers can "Pre-Register" by providing their name, phone ,email address and details of the rallycar. We will have special categories including Offroad 4wd and standard' production vehicles, which means all normal cars, as long as they fulfill the minimum safety requirements. All cars are required to have safety equipment such as a Roll Over Protection ,approved seats and harness, and fire extinguishers.

Please download the Rally Handbook

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