Ethiopia will host the 2016 FIA Africa Regional Congress

Happy to announce Ethiopia will host the 2016 FIA (International Automobile Federation) Africa Regional Congress.

FIA President Jean Todt will be here as well and we'll do our best to use this opportunity to push Ethiopian motor sport ahead.

The congress will focus on growing motorsport in Africa, with key sessions on:
- management of motorsport associations/clubs
- officials licensing (grade, certifications, recruitment & retention)
- grassroots disciplines & participation programmes
- risk management & continuous improvement including spectator safety, spectator culture, guidelines
- other important topics

Many challenges and difficulties have hindered progress so far and although much work is needed from our side we are confident that hosting the FIA conference in Ethiopia will contribute in achieving our goals.

Will post more during and after the conference.

FIA has donated EMSA two (2) 4-stroke 200cc go-karts

Thanks to the FIA Motorsport Development Programme, our president Ermias Ayele and the EMSA board the FIA has donated EMSA two (2) 4-stroke 200cc go-karts (+ helmets, gloves, overalls, cones and more) to kickstart karting and grassroots Motorsport development in Ethiopia.

And they're finally here!!

This donation is part of and only the beginning of a long term project designed to introduce a fantastic category of motorsport in Ethiopia for competitors of all levels and experience, but especially this is a great opportunity for new competitors and young drivers who dream of entering the field of motorsport and becoming successful race car drivers.

The go-karts will be officially presended to EMSA by FIA president Jean Todt during the upcoming FIA African Regional Congress hosted in Addis Ababa next week. During the congress a small karting slalom demonstration will also take place (we will post more information about this in the next days).

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