Ethiopian Motor Sport Board Selection

On August 15 2013, the Annual EMSA General Assembly was held at Juventus Club where a new Executive Board has been elected. With Ermias Ayele (Manager of the Great Ethiopian Run) as President and more young blood, EMSA has big objectives for the future.

The new board members have been carefully selected based on their experience and leadership skills and after discussions with competitors, the challenge has begun to put a 4 year plan into action.

The newly elected EMSA executive board is composed of the following:

Many aspects of motorsport in Ethiopia need to be addressed and many challenges are ahead, but we are sure that the new board is more than capable of meeting those challenges and their passion and enthusiasm for the sport will fuel the drive to success. We wish them good luck.

EMSA Signs agreement with Blue Media for 2013-2014 City Circuits

We are excited to announce that on November 13th 2013, EMSA has signed an agreement with Blue Media to organize the upcoming City Circuit Race on December 15th 2013 with an option to organize the following city circuits planned for the 2013-2014 racing calendar.

In the past EMSA itself has organized motorsport events, but times and goals have changed.  The partnership with Blue Media is a first for EMSA and we believe it’s the first step to a new era for motorsport in Ethiopia where organizers/promoters play a key role.

Blue Media is quite new to motorsport, but they have great experience in big event organization and after careful evaluation, EMSA was satisfied that they have the skills necessary to become a key organizer and help bring motorsport in Ethiopia to a new level. It may take some time to gain the experience and expertise needed, but we are confident that this partnership will bring great value to EMSA, competitors, sponsors and spectators.

We wish everyone involved a great start to the 2013-2014 racing season.

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